Jumbo Orchids Latest List Update@2019/01/03

Here is our New list. If you need to order these plants, please email to me. Thank you.

2019 Exhibition schedules

  1. Taiwan International Orchid Show (2-11 March 2019)
  2. The 13th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference (24-28 July 2019)

Jumbo's Agent around the world

Plants List (Mail your prefer list and size to us to get the price) / FLASK LIST

Each variety has different size, please check our list first. Then select what variety and what size do you want. Send the list to us, we will give you the price with your list. Thank you.

No. Name Price
  Angraecum didieri Mail
JB8060 Ansellia aficana
JB9925 Ansidium Jumbo Redden
  Arundina gramidiflora
  Arundina gramidiflora var. alba
  Vanda ampullaceum
  Bletilla striata
  Bulbophyllum crassipes
  Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann
  Bulbophyllum falcatum 'Coffee'
  Bulbophyllum flaviflorum (Taiwan Native)
  Bulbophyllum grandiflorum
  Bulbophyllum hirundinis
  Bulbophyllum Lion King
  Bulbophyllum melanoglossum
  Bulbophyllum pingtungense
  Bulbophyllum saurocephalum
  Bulbophyllum taiwanense
  Bulbophyllum triflorum
JB961 Catamodes Jumbo Art
JB746 Catamodes Jumbo Bingo
JB864 Catamodes Jumbo Riot
JB1070 Catamodes Jumbo Riot 'Sunrise' (Red Color)
JB1090 Catamodes Jumbo Riot 'Sunset' (Yellow Color)
JB2008 Catamodes Jumbo Rubytex
JB1229 Catamodes Jumbo Rubytex 'Jumbo Black Magic'
JB4024 Catanoches Jumbo Bard
JB1253 Catanoches Jumbo Chastity
JB1044 Catanoches Jumbo Chilin 'Disa'
JB8052 Catanoches Jumbo Gain
JB1082 Catanoches Jumbo Hela 'Jumbo Orchids'
JB731 Catanoches Jumbo Hela
JB926 Catanoches Jumbo Honey
JB5020 Catanoches Jumbo Regal
JB4126 Catanoches Jumbo Vane
JB1259 Catanoches Jumbo Explode 'Jumbo Orchids' BM/TOGA
JB9442 Catasandra Jumbo Callous
JB9426 Catasandra Jumbo Cirrus
JB9143 Catasandra Jumbo Express 'Golden Elf' BM/TOGA
JB9417 Catasandra Jumbo Queen
JB2259 Catasellia Jumbo Godspeed
JB9909 Catasellia Jumbo Opal
JB201 Catasetum Bound for Glory 'Jumbo'
JB202 Catasetum Bravo 'Jumbo Orchids'
JB735 Catasetum Dapper Dots
JB106 Catasetum fimbriatum
JB1215 Catasetum Jumbo Babylon
JB4125 Catasetum Jumbo Bound
JB601 Catasetum Jumbo Carnival
JB736 Catasetum Jumbo Eagle
JB769 Catasetum Jumbo Ego
JB766 Catasetum Jumbo Onyx
JB657 Catasetum Jumbo Pearl
JB809 Catasetum Jumbo Tycoon
JB810 Catasetum Lovena
JB1234 Catasetum Lovena 'Jumbo No.810' BM/TOGA
JB108 Catasetum macrocarpum
JB221 Catasetum Orchidglade 'Fire Stone'
JB223 Catasetum Orchidglade 'Green Hill'
JB209 Catasetum Orchidglade 'Jack of Diamond' AM/AOS
JB1900 Catasetum Penang 'Jumbo Beauty'
JB1108 Catasetum Penang 'Jumbo Sweet Heart'
JB222 Catasetum Penang 'Love Song'
JB110 Catasetum pileatum
JB1060 Catasetum pileatum 'Jumbo Green Gold'
JB1054 Catasetum pileatum 'Chastity'
JB111 Catasetum pileatum 'Red Pena' HCC/AOS
JB205 Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Mars'
JB206 Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Yellow Bird'
JB1047 Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Sun Face'
JB203 Catasetum Susan Fuchs 'Yellow River'
JB118 Catasetum tenebrosum
JB1363 Catasetum x wendlingeri
  Caularthron bicornutum
JB808 Clowesetum Jumbo Apollo
JB1211 Clowesetum Jumbo Apollo 'Jumbo Jade'
JB3066 Clowesetum Jumbo Circle
JB1097 Clowesetum Jumbo Eden 'Jumbo Orchids'
JB9228 Clowesetum Jumbo Jade
JB1025 Clowesetum Jumbo Glory 'Jumbo Golden Elf'
JB622 Clowesetum Jumbo Glory
JB9350 Clowesetum Jumbo Helios
JB9403 Clowesetum Jumbo Lace
JB620 Clowesetum Jumbo Polar
JB2195 Clowesetum Jumbo Star
JB642 Clowesetum Jumbo York
JB1078 Clowenoches Jumbo Warrior 'Jumbo'
JB1017 Clowesia Jumbo Grace
JB1075 Clowesetum Wyche's Bumble Bee 'Jumbo Orchids' BM/JOGA
  Coelogyne pandurata
  Coelogyne rochussenii
JB1333 Cycglanodes Jumbo Megastar 'Jumbo Orchids'
JB3036 Cyclodes Jumbo Alpha
JB2342 Cyclodes Jumbo Freedom
JB2332 Cyclodes Jumbo Rosy
JB700 Cycnoches Jumbo Dragon 'Jumbo Green'
JB2000 Cycnoches warscewiczii
JB1034 Cycnodes Jumbo Jewel 'Jumbo'
JB9434 Cycnodes Jumbo Blush
JB2291 Cycnodes Jumbo Diamond
JB908 Cycnodes Jumbo Erebus
JB1031 Cycnodes Jumbo Micky 'Jumbo Fifi'
JB1074 Cycnodes Jumbo Micky 'Jumbo Kiki'
JB1001 Cycnodes Jumbo Phoenix 'Jumbo' AM/TOS
JB904 Cycnodes Jumbo Puff
JB1069 Cycnodes Jumbo Puff 'Jumbo Emperor' SM/TOGA
JB9123 Cycnodes Jumbo Rubra
JB1000 Cycnodes Wine Delight 'J.E.M.' FCC/AOS
JB1089 Cycnodes Wine Delight 'Jumbo Ruby'
JB701 Cycsellia Jumbo Trax
  Cymbidium Little Black Sambo
JB3178 Cyrtogramcymbidium Jumbo Medusae
JB9409 Cyrtopodium polyphyllum X Catasetum Jumbo Ego
JB4080 Cyrtopodium polyphyllum 'Jumbo Orchids'
  Cyrtopodium punctata
  Dendrobium ( A Ding TBS -  canaliculatum ) X Dendrobium minnie
JB9336 Dendrobium Jumbo Salad
JB9325 Dendrobium Jumbo Bunny
JB9331 Dendrobium stratiotes
JB9339 Dendrobium Jumbo Dingo
JB9337 Dendrobium Jumbo Rami
JB9338 Dendrobium Jumbo Dingma
JB9369 Dendrobium bicaudatum
  Dendrobium A Ding TBS X Dendrobium spectabile
JB9301 Dendrobium Jumbo Ding
  Dendrobium anosmum
  Dendrobium anosmum var. alba
JB9004 Dendrobium discolor
  Dendrobium Gatton Sunray
  Dendrobium Mariner's Gold X Dendrobium minnie
  Dendrobium moschatum
  Dendrobium wassellii
  Encyclia radiata
  Eria aporoides
JBC8052 Eulomangis Jumbo Pete
JB5007 Eulophia andamanensis
  Eulophia guineensis
JB5100 Eulophyllum Jumbo Keith
JB2384 Eulosellia Jumbo Nilotica
JB1298 Fredclarkeara After Dark 'Black Pearl'
JB8002 Fredclarkeara Jumbo Susan
JB9427 Galeodes Jumbo Citrus
JB4090 Geoclades Jumbo Promise
  Geodorum recurvum
JB3168 Grammangis ellisii 'Jumbo Agate' SM/TOGA X Cyrtopodium polyphyllum 'Jumbo Orchids'
JB1150 Grammangis ellisii var. alba 'Jumbo Canary'
JB2160 Grammatocymbidium Jumbo Mesazia
  Grammatomangis Jumbo Martae
  Grammatophyllum Jumbo Grand
  Grammatophyllum martae
  Grammatophyllum scriptum
  Grammatophyllum wallisii
JB9156 Graphiella Martialine
  Inobulbon munificum
  Ludisia discolor
  Malaxis latifolia
JB2415 Monnierara Jumbo Athena
JB3076 Monnierara Jumbo Delight
JB1338 Monnierara Jumbo Delight 'Black Onyx'
JB1339 Monnierara Jumbo Delight 'Orange Diamond'
JB2454 Monnierara Jumbo Hermes
JB3212 Monnierara Jumbo Moffitts
JB4001 Monnierara Mary Rose
JB1102 Mormodes Jumbo Artemis 'Jumbo Orchids'
JB623 Mormodes Jumbo Bacia
JB607 Mormodes Jumbo Bagunea
JB971 Mormodes Jumbo Lark
JB946 Mormodes Jumbo Vulcan
JB9438 Mormodia Jumbo Crimson
JB9424 Mormodia Jumbo Graceful
  Papilionanthe Miss Joaquin
  Paraphalaenopsis labukensis
  Peristeria elata
JB9901 Phaius tankervilleae
  Phaius tankervilleae f. alba
JB9347 Phal. Gigabell (Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Poseidon' X Phal. bellina 'B11')
JB9315 Phal. Jumbo Beagle ( Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Galaxy' X Phal. Tying Shin Beagle 'Jumbo Orchids')
JB9375 Phal. Jumbo Beagle ( Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Joy' X Phal. Tying Shin Beagle 'Jumbo Orchids')
JB9573 Phal. Yungho Gelblitz 'TW' x Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Round'
JB9503 Phalaenopsis gigantea 'Jumbo Cygnus' x Phalaenopsis bellina 'B11'
JB9453 Phalaenopsis gigantea 'Jumbo Orchids' X Phalaenopsis amaboinensis 'Jumbo Yellow'
JB9460 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Orchids' SM/JGP X Phal. lueddemaniana 'CTH'
JB9560 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Silver' x Phal. Angdi Kolopaking 'TW'
JBTW825 Phal. micholitzii 'TW' X Phal. Chienlung Luedgiana 'TW'
JB9533 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Cygnus' x Phal. Ld's Bear King 'CTH'
JB9571 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Medusa' x Phal.Chienlung Corningosa 'TW'
JB9466 Phalaenopsis George Vasques 'A-Lin' X Phalaenopsis gigantea 'Jumbo Orchids'
JB9532 Phal. gigantea 'JBY#6' x Phal. Sogo Ibis 'Jumbo Orchids'
JB9447 Phal. Chienlung Luedgiana 'TW' X Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Diamond'
JB9526 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Cygnus' X Phal. Hannover Passion 'CTH'
JB9210 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Micky' X Phal. bellina 'JB'
JB9517 Phalaenopsis gigantea 'Jumbo Cygnus' x Phalaenopsis Chienlung Red King 'CTH#1'
JB9456 Phalaenopsis gigantea 'Jumbo Orchids' X Phalaenopsis sumatrana 'Green Gold'
JB9468 Phalaenopsis gigantea 'Jumbo Jade' X Phalaenopsis Chienlung Red King'CTH'
JB9449 Phalaenopsis gigantea 'Jumbo Rocket' X Phalaenopsis javanica 'Jumbo Orchids'
JB9516 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Cygnus' x Phalaenopsis violacea 'Jumbo Orchids'
JB1383 Phal. amabilis 'Jumbo Orchids'
  Phal. bellina
JB1385 Phal. tetrapis 'C1'
JB1384 Phal. Ohl Flame 'Jumbo Orchids'
JB1010 Phalaenopsis aphrodite subsp. formosana 'Jumbo Orchids'
JB9521 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Cygnus' X Phal. LYC Flaming Passion 'CTH'
JB9541 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Lagoon' X Phal. Lyndon Reflex 'CL'
JB9565 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Smart' X Phal. Yungho Gelblitz 'TW'
JB9566 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Rainbow' X Phal. Brother Ambo Passion 'CTH'
JB9590 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Warrior' X Phal. luddenmaniana 'Woodlawn'
JB9607 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Gem' X Phal. luddemaniana 'Yang'
JB9627 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Butterfly' X Phal. bellina 'IVY#4'
JB9630 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Nova' X Phal. fasciata 'Jumbo'
JB9635 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Beach' X Phal. Jennifer Palermo 'TW790'
JB9636 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Castle' X Phal. fasciata 'Jumbo'
JB9641 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Wizard' X Phal. George Vasquez 'TW'
JB9642 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Bingo' X Phal. fasciata 'Jumbo'
JB9656 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Fun' X Phal. Ld's Bear King 'YKY'
JB9679 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Mesh' X Phal. hieroghiphyica 'Jumbo'
JB9687 Phal. gigantea 'Jumbo Brocade' X Phal. Brother Ambo Passion 'CTH'
JB9709 Phal. schilleriana 'Wandan' X Phal. schilleriana 'Jumbo'
  Phalaenopsis equestris
  Phalaenopsis equestris 'Pink'

Phalaenopsis equestris var. coerulea

  Phalaenopsis equestris 'Three Lips'
  Phalaenopsis gigantea
  Phalaenopsis schilleriana
JB9570 Paraphalaenopsis labukensis 'Jumbo Orchids'x Papilionanthe teres 'Jumbo'
  Spathoglottis plicata var. alba
  Tetramicra canaliculata
  Trichocentrum Sunny Village
  Vanilla aphylla
  Vanilla planifolia
Here is our New list. If you need to order these plants, please email to me. Thank you.